2021-07-28 14:22:06

CDEK view for Russian e-commerce trends

Russian e-commerce is one of the main emerging digital markets worldwide.

It is a market that has been growing steadily since 2010 and has experienced particularly accelerated growth in recent years, and the coronavirus pandemic is expected to contribute to further growth in this sector. In 2018, the weight of e-commerce on GDP reached 2.5%, but the market is still young and with considerable potential. It is estimated that the value of the e-commerce market in Russia could triple between 2020 and 2024, reaching 80 billion euros. Now let's find out what the e-commerce trends are for 2021.


1.Customer experience.

Customer experience is more important than price and product assortment. 81% of entrepreneurs know that soon competition between online stores will take place in the CX (customer experience) sector. High-quality customer experience is made of small things: detailed product page, 24-hour customer service, fast delivery, easy return of goods.


2.Ultra customization.

Customers expect customized offers based on previous purchases and actions, rather than standard emails that do not reflect their current interests.


3.Cutting-edge technology.

Cutting-edge technology can improve CX and differentiate the business among competitors: - 3D visualization of products - possibility to try the products (augmented reality) - applications.


4. Chatbots.

Chatboots can reduce customer support load and handle up to 80% of their requests.


5.Company transparency.

86% of users want to learn more about the company, understand the processes, see the people behind the site images. It can be done by showing the life of the company through social networks.


6. Live streaming.

In 2020 the use of live streaming grew by 45% between March and April, while the annual growth rate was 99%. Live streaming has become a viral phenomenon, and the numbers clearly tell us that we must immerse ourselves in this type of communication as soon as possible.