What we offer

A successful business in a fast growing sector.


CDEK is our trademark that allows you to build a profitable business with an opportunity to save your resources and time required for the development of product and service standards, business processes, marketing and advertising policy.

What Franchisee Gets

CDEK means 


  • Adviceat every stage of your business start-up and support of your business during the entire contract period  
  • Opportunity to use the entire network of CDEK offices to expand your customer base 
  • Opportunity to use the unique ERP and CRM systems. Personnel training free of charge 
  • Centralized advertising support


  • Your own business under a well-known brand name 


     Cost-efficient market entry, as compared to similar offers in the market 


    Opportunity to use ready-made business management solutions 


    Working with an already existing customer base 


    Full range of tools for the analysis of clientele, delivery destinations, services, cost efficiency, etc/

Forms and Particularities of Cooperation:

  • Training at the head office of our company is a necessary prerequisite

  • During the whole period of subsequent cooperation you are linked to dedicated experts of our company that would consult you on any question

Requirements Applicable to Franchisee:

  • Availability of sufficient investment and working assets

  • Commitment to the procedures and standards adopted by CDEK

  • Aiming at long-term partner relations

  • Development and promotion of CDEK brand in your region

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