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Being a CDEK franchisee means

Ready-made, tried and tested logistic solutions and rates
Working with an internationally-recognized brand
Being part of the ever-growing e-commerce market
The chance to grow your profit from Day #1
An easy business startup with minimal investment

Unique and innovative partnership program

Pre-established and tested international logistic solutions and rates
Online shopping delivery solutions
Mail forwarding
Our own marketplace
Marketing support
Individually tailored to your company
IT solutions
Our own CRM system

What we offer

Ready-made logistics solutions
Tried and tested delivery routes
Well-equipped storage facilities and technologically advanced sorting systems
Access to your own CRM system
Remote tech support
Free one-week training
Seminars on professional development, sales, customer service, new products
Marketing support
Guidance from a support manager

Partnership profits

Sales of CDEK's tariffs
You target clients (Online stores, marketplaces, etc.) by employing sales managers. Profit is the difference between clients’ tariffs and the actual cost of delivery
You manage a pre-prepared volume of packages, for example, you receive an order to hand over or deliver goods from your pick up & collection point to other (CDEK) partners within countries we operate in.
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What your office will be equipped with

WiFI connection
A rest area for customers comfort
Water cooler
CoD and equairing
Fitting rooms
An area for unpacking and checking delivered
220V power socket for testing electronics
Storage room

Success stories

Steps to becoming a franchisee

We set up a contract
We consult on the logistics of opening a partnership in your country
We help you with the legal registration
We preliminarily calculate delivery rates and your potential profitability as a partnership based abroad
You undergo training
We inculcate you with our company standards
On how to achieve targets
On logistics, sales, marketing, and all our products
Prep before launch
We introduce you to your personal manager
We help you search for a suitable office and with hiring personnel
Test delivery and final opening
We agree on delivery rates
We organize a test delivery
You’re ready to open your CDEK partnership!


Who within the company arranges the logistics of an international delivery and how is this carried out?
As a franchisee, you will be working closely with the international logistics department, which is in charge of everything from helping with customs clearance to the last mile delivery of a package.
Do employees need to undergo training?
Yes, training is required for all employees of a new partner.
What additional services do you offer?
CDEK-Express, International Express, as well as delivery within any country of a partner’s presence.
Who is in charge of marketing?
Marketing activities are conducted jointly. As a new partner, you are provided with a marketing plan that delineates your duties in this sphere.
To whom should I direct questions from a customer or recipient?
Any questions or issues arising during the placement of a delivery order can be resolved with the help of the personal manager we assign to you and your partner.

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