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International express delivery

The rates and services of Express Courier Delivery Service are developed considering all particulars of cargo delivery across the border and receipt of parcels from abroad. The time and price of delivery depend on the nature and parameters of the cargo and the type of transport. Shipping abroad regulations and the list of required documents are selected by the status of the consignor/consignee and the country of origin/destination.

Our company offers the service of custom clearance in Moscow.

Stages of International Carriage

The general scheme of international carriage includes the following stages:

In the country of dispatch:

  1. Preparation of commercial and customs documents

  2. Acceptance of cargoes from the consignor

  3. Transportation of cargoes to the customs control area

  4. Goods declaration and customs clearance

Border Crossing:

  1. Cargo carriage by international transport admitted by the country of destination

In the country of destination:

  1. Cargo transportation to the customs control area

  2. Preparation of customs documents

  3. Customs clearance process

Particular Cases of Express Cargo Carriage

In some cases detailed customs control is required to identify risks associated with express cargo carriage. Particular cases of express cargo carriage include the following groups of goods irrespective of their cost:

- Raw materials

- Machine components, equipment and machinery

- Optical tools and devices (photographic cameras, dashboard cameras and the like)

- Electronic devices (cellular phones, computers, tablets/pads, etc.)

- Construction/building materials

- Lamps and lighting equipment

- Food produces

- Chemical industry products

- Timber and wood products

- Printing industry products

- Textile materials

- Ceramic and glass products

- Toys, games and sports gear

- Printed materials (newspapers, magazines)

If the cargo intended for carriage falls into any of the above groups, additional documents should be presented.

The carriage rates and the list of documents are subject to change depending on particulars of the cargo.

Prohibited items

  • Firearms and its ammunition of any sort, cold weapon of any sort, military munitions;

  • Narcotic, psychotropic, radioactive, explosive, poisonous, combustible and other dangerous substances;

  • Russian and foreign currency, other currency and other assets;

  • Russian Government Bonds, lottery tickets;

  • Printed, audiovisual and other display materials contradictory to the interests of the state and civil rights;

  •  Raw gemstones, minerals, geological materials, soil, paleontological specimens, raw and polished semiprecious stones, amber except of souvenirs sold through the retail network;

  • Precious metals in any form and condition, raw and polished natural precious stones, pearls and articles made therefrom;

  • Species of flora and fauna included in the Red Book and their derivates;

  • Underdeveloped light-sensitive materials;

  •  Cultural values older than 100 years;

  •  Pieces of pictorial, ornamental, applied and folk art, musical instruments, printed editions, postal stamps and other philatelic materials, vinyl records and other movable articles older than 50 years (if not provided with certificates issued by the Federal Service of Russia for the Preservation of Cultural Values);

  •  Articles of indecent nature;

  • Documents of any sort (Russian and foreign passports, personal identification papers, employment records, military registration cards) except of notarized copies and certificates;

  • Seeds, planting materials and other materials subject to quarantine of plant origin as well as containers used for transportation of plant materials (if not provided with certificates issued by the State Plant Quarantine Inspectorate of the Russian Federation);

  • Lard, meat, sausage, whole foods of animal origin, home-made sausage, butter, cheese, dairy and fish products;

  • Things that may be dangerous for postal workers or may soil or damage the correspondence due to their nature or packing;

  • Live animals except of leech, silk worms, parasites and pest killers intended for research and exchanged between officially recognized institutions or provided with a special export license issued by the Ministry for the Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation;

  • Fruits and vegetables, plants, herbariums, live insect collections;

  • Biologic tissues and preparations.

For more information about the range of our services please contact our manager at Inbound@cdek.ru


International express delivery

The rates and services of Express Courier Delivery Service are developed considering all particul...

International express delivery

The rates and services of Express Courier Delivery Service are developed considering all particul...