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Our Mission

Permanently focused on upgrading the level of our service, introducing new technologies and using efficiently the inner potential and external resources, we offer a range of on-time and guaranteed delivery services for individuals and corporations.

Our Values

Customer. We appreciate our customers and work to meet their demand for high-quality service.
Staff. Our company invites people capable of proactive behavior and creative approach in their work. The emphasis is made on permanently upgrading the professional skills of our team and highly appreciating the individual contribution of each member.
Profit. We are committed working in such a way that every action of any staff member would bring profit to the company.
Quality. Stuck to the international standard of quality, we feel ourselves obliged to attain perfection in all aspects of our business by permanently upgrading the quality of service and, thereby, raising our value for the customer.
Team. Relations between staff members are based on mutual respect. We are a team aimed at the achievement of common goals.
Image. Our company is highly reputed in the market.
Development. Development means for us the appearance of new ideas on a permanent basis and the implementation of the best of them in practice. Furthermore, it suggests upgrading the standard of service through the development and introduction of most recent technologies.
Assurance. We provide for assurance in progressive and uninterrupted development as well as composure and safety of staff members and incorporators by creating the reserve and development funds.

Our rules

Customer is the most valuable person in the world.
Customer is always right.
Customer requires fast and high-quality service and we are able to do that!


Advantages of working with us:

1. Price Policy
Keeping our prices significantly lower than those of foreign express delivery companies we maintain the quality of our service in line with modern international logistics requirements.
2. Flexibility
We can meet your demand in any Russian city.
3. Awareness
You can trace your cargo at any stage of delivery.
4. Promptness
After you have made your order, our agent visits your office to send your cargo on the same day.
5. Developed Agency Network
More than 300 branch offices in Russian cities allow us to monitor the transit of cargoes at every stage, considerably reduce the time of delivery, and choose reliable and more than once verified routes of delivery to any place in the country.
6. Special Package
We offer the free brand-name packing to our customers:
Cardboard envelope for documents, business papers, and the like.
Plastic bag
Besides free packing we offer a brand-name box or a crate for the cargo. See this link for details.
7. Acknowledgement of Receipt
Each order of the customer can be traced to date by the bill number. After fulfilling the order, each customer is notified thereof in a manner convenient for the customer.
8. Nonstandard Orders
Each nonstandard order is considered individually. Our personnel would make their best efforts to fulfill your order.