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The company СDEK is successfully operating on the Russian market of express-courier delivery services and logistics since 2000.

Today СDEK is one of the leaders on the Russian market of express-courier delivery and logistics services.

СDEK is a member of the Russian Distance Selling Association

We are pleased to offer our customers in Russia:

  • Express-delivery all over Russia and Worldwide
  • Сustomized logistics solutions for e-commerce companies


  • includes more than 100 divisions and representative offices.
  • more than 900 cities where «cash-on-delivery» service is available
  • more than 60 warehouses in major Russian cities
  • employs more than 700 staff members
  • uses more than 100, 000 intercity direct transportation route plans worked out by the staff
  • uses its own ERP software designed for all business processes automation

We offer our clients an IT solution for business processes integration. The automated business process system lets you make orders for shipment, track express cargo and generate clear reports in your program with no need to contact the express delivery courier service of CDEK.

International express delivery

The rates and services of Express Courier Delivery Service are developed considering all particulars of cargo delivery across the border and receipt of parcels from abroad. The time and price of delivery depend on the nature and parameters of the cargo and the type of transport. Shipping abroad regulations and the list of required documents are selected by the status of the consignor/consignee and the country of origin/destination.